Moving Through Grief

January 1, 2021

Me, Right, accepting my Massage Therapy Certification in 2008

Though most people think of death of loved ones when it comes to grief, we also know it comes into our lives in other forms. Any loss can hit us out of nowhere and so does the tidal wave of grief. It’s an odd feeling when we are still in it and still experiencing loss while trying to heal as well. 2020 has certainly had it’s share of this.

On March 13th, overnight, I had to shut down my business. Though they said it might be a couple weeks, I had a feeling it would be much longer. I turned out the lights of Pure Wellness and the next time I went back was to move out and shut down my business of 8 years for good.

It’s been a long year of contemplating, philosophizing, weighing pros and cons and moving through grief. I know when we all rejoin the world again, it will be a different life. Though I welcome new horizons, it is still difficult to move through change. This month, I made the final decision to allow my massage license of almost 13 years retire for good.

I have learned and grown so much in those 13 years. I was in my very late 20’s when I graduated and I am now over the hill, as they say. Seeing parts of 3 decades throughout a prominent structure in my life has been interesting, to say the least. I won’t pretend it has been all “great lessons” and a perfect journey. It has been difficult physically, emotionally, and mentally. But fortunately I’m starting to see the other side of it all now.

I hope, though, that the clients that have been with me since the beginning and along the journey still stick around, because I still have so much to share and I still have so much time to listen and learn to you all.

Here’s to surviving, thriving (or trying to) and growth and YOU!

Happy 2021!


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