1. Your information will never be sold, rented, shared or otherwise disclosed to third parties. Anything you may disclose to me in session are strictly confidential. I will not release this information to anyone, without your written permission.
2. Accepted forms of payment: Paypal, square, or venmo.
3. The current rates for sessions may be found on this website.All prices subject to change.
4. Arriving 15 minutes late with no call, text or email ahead results in paying full price and receiving a service from the time you arrive and arrive into the online room until the scheduled stop time. Arriving later than 15 minutes will be considered a cancellation and result in paying full price as well. All appointments will end at the scheduled end time.
5. To avoid being charged for the full amount of your session, please let me know 24 hours in advance if you will be unable to make your scheduled appointment, and so that I might reschedule it as quickly and conveniently as possible for you. After 24 hour cancel notices will result in paying half of the price. No Shows will result in being charged full price. Certain circumstances will be allowed, such as illness or death in the family.
6. The use of cell phones and other distractions is discouraged during any sessions as it is a distraction to both parties. If you must take a call or attend to any non-emergency distractions, your session will still end at the scheduled end time. I understand during a time of all zoom sessions, sometimes things happen. I try to be as accommodating as possible.
7. Any misconduct that is considered harassing or inappropriate will not be tolerated and the session will be terminated. Racist, ableist, homophobic comments will not be tolerated. Full payment will still be expected.
8. Intoxicants—I cannot proceed with a session if you are intoxicated. If you arrive for your scheduled appointment and you are under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, the appointment will be forfeited and full payment will be due for the time lost.
9. Minors under 18 years may not receive services until a guardian has given written permission and stays present for appointments.
10.All classes must be paid in full at registration time. No refunds, unless class or appointment is canceled by practitioner.
11. Written card readings and astrology reports will be turned around within 7 days, possibly sooner.
12. Sessions are held on zoom. Astrology readings are recorded and a private link will be sent to you after your session.
13. The art of astrology can be crystal clear and sometimes not so much, depending on self-awareness and discussion in readings. There are many systems of astrology. I practice traditional western astrology using Tropical whole house system. Ultimately, this is a map for your life but should never overtake your free will and necessity for therapy in more difficult life situations.
14. Any information in sessions or classes are not a replacement for medical advice or therapy.