The use of plant benefits and their wisdom date back to the beginning of humankind. Though over time, it has waned in Western civilization, plants are making a comeback in our everyday lives. Herbal teas, infused oils, and extracts are wonderful ways to benefit from the plants. From Peruvians that listen and speak with the plants, to Chinese medicine, to Western Herbalism, it can take a lifetime to learn about every plant on this beautiful Earth and what they offer.

Just taking a walk outside can start you on your own herbal adventure. Many people, who are not familiar, with the plant kingdom may see “weeds”. The wonderful thing about plants though, each has properties and benefits for our bodies. Start with one safe plant and learn, touch smell, taste, and listen to the subtle energies. You’ll find the wisdom before you know it.

I offer a self-directed online Kitchen Witchen Herbal Workshop to help you get to know plants on an energetic level. I use herbs in making body, mind and spirit materia in my own life.