Aromatherapy is the art of using all parts of plants and natural elements to extract the aroma from them for therapeutic benefits.

Safety in Essential Oils

Essential Oils are the concentrated essence of the plants. Essential Oils has experienced a boom on the market. Though they have a long history in our world, the public has started looking to their benefits more and more. It’s important to know when using undiluted essential oils that they should be handled with care and with the consult of an experienced Aromatherapist. I, personally, do not use essential oils undiluted unless I am diffusing and do not over-use them. They are volatile oils and though there shouldn’t be fear in using them, there should be respect. If you are interested in learning more about using essential oils safely, consider one of my classes.

More Than Just Essential Oils

The first thing that pops in most people’s heads when hearing the term “aromatherapy” is essential oils. But Aromatherapy dates back over a thousand years before crude distilling methods were ever invented. Herbs were burned in temples and fatty oils were infused with them. The first distilling method was discovered to make an essential oil around 1000 AD, but then was not commonly used until the 1800’s. Even so, most distillers used the floral waters captured from distilling, as perfumes. Some plants and aromas do not produce an essential oil, even in current years. Some are made through infusing fats, infusing fatty oils or extracting plant aroma with alcohol.

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