Cathy offers the following aromatherapy education classes: Aromatherapy Ethics and Safety; Traditional Uses; Clinical Aromatherapy consultations; and Astrological Aromatherapy consultations.

The Astrothecary line is ritualistic celestial-ware blended only with the purest ingredients in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Pesticide-free dried herbs, high quality essential oils, ethically sourced carrier oils and natural ingredients give you the benefits each plant and aroma offers. There are no artificial preservatives or colorings added. For your safety, all essential oils are diluted in a natural carrier or alcohol base before use.

The Astrothecary came about by blending clinical aromatherapy, herbalism and inspiration of the astrological times of the full and new moon. Each product, made in small batches, are blended with natural carriers, essential oils, flower essences, herbal extracts and handmade crystal elixirs by Cathy.

Learn a little about The Language of the Skies.

Cathy Podd, L.M.T, R.M.T, C.M.A, owner and blending alchemist, started making bath soaks after witnessing the joy and relief of taking a long soak. Many years of working with essential oils led her to learn about the wisdom of the plants they came from and she went back to school in 2013 for a year of certification in aromatherapy and herbalism courses followed by her Master Aromatherapy Certification in 2018. Being a life-long lover of baths, massage, herbs, magick, astrology, and crystals, she decided to blend everything she loved into one line of lotions, Oils, Salts and Perfumes. She strives to buy as many supplies locally or through small businesses as possible. All essential oils are purchased through ethical companies in the United States.

Cathy has over 1,250 hours in aromatherapy and herbalism education and is a Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist & Clinical Herbalist, graduating from Heart of Herbs School.

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