There are many forms and traditions of hands on and distant healing. Though I was trained in Western Reiki through multiple teachers, for me hands on healing went further too. Through their own teachings and their encouragement, to keep learning was essential in healing work.

Being a former Licensed Massage Therapist also allowed me to see the power of touch and intention. When we lay our hands in a trusting and respectful way on others, a connection of the universe is made. It stills the energy in the room and warms the soul. With intention and focus it can even be transferred distantly. 

Comfortable clothes and no shoes is a preferred way to benefit from the session. A comfortable place to lie or recline helps relax you, too. Singing crystal bowls, bells or music will be played with little outside distractions. Each session includes a guided meditation, crystal grid setup and an oracle card pulled to guide the session. You may also request for integrative astrological energy as well by adding an astrology session on.

Part of my learning in reiki, was to push against the status quo in loving community. Over time it also helped me see that my own healing hands and privileges didn’t necessarily fit into leading Japanese traditions. So I challenged myself again and moved over, embracing the knowledge and intuition that has always been in my hands and heart.

Healing is not always easy or comfortable. Sometimes it is a revelation that comes to us in quiet times and sometimes in moments of distress. Hands on and distance healing connections are made with an awareness to stop at any time during sessions. But should always be approached with respect and consent by the person working on you. Reach out to me if you would like to know more about these online services at .

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