Pluto and Our Ever-Changing Lives

Pluto had been one planet in my astrology studies that had been so illusive and far out of my grasps. Just when I thought I got it, it deteriorated from the inside out and I was left scratching my head again. Little did I know, what I struggled with was exactly the point.

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Moving Through Grief

It's been a long year of contemplating, philosophizing, weighing pros and cons and moving through grief. I know when we all rejoin the world again, it will be a different life. Though I welcome new horizons, it is still difficult to move through change. This month, I made the final decision to allow my massage license of almost 13 years retire for good. 

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Where Does REST Come In?

I’ve recently been following an awesome instagram account called The Nap Ministry¬†. Their always-on-point posts about resting has had me thinking. We know that sleep and rest recharges our bodies, minds and spirits. Some people make it a habit/routine/ritual of making sure it is priority, but most of us don’t. Whatever way you choose to see rest is up to you, but make sure it’s on your regular to-do list.

My Virgo posts on the Patreon account this month point to ways in which this can be done. But when it comes down to it, why isn’t “rest” ON our to-do list? Rest can mean many things to people. It may be taking regular naps, getting a solid 6-8 hours of sleep, taking time to read and inform yourself of the world (away from the world), laying outside in the grass watching clouds, or hundreds of other things.

Some of us do not have the privilege of rest the way much of society sees it: in a hammock on the beach with a margarita. Many of you work 12 hour days, don’t have access to care for others, or have financial burdens amongst many other limitations. But we do have access to closing our eyes. And we can take our freedoms back from “the grind”, but it takes many of us to do this and for those privileged, to allow space for those to rest who do not hold privilege. Every single person deserves rest, no matter who they are, or what their circumstances are. As one of my favorite humans, Diana Rose Harper, teaches: we ALL have worth. And your worth does not have to align to any societal norm (having a job, not being on drugs, etc). Each human has worth, and each human has the right to REST.

(Photography by Cathy Podd 2014)