Sometimes it is simple enough to say it’s a pain in the neck or point to an area that is all knotted up. I can then recommend the best form of massage to alleviate your pain or relieve your stress and refer you to the appropriate therapist.. Other times, you can merely tell me how you feel and I’ll create a custom technique plan for you that you can take to let your therapist know. Sometimes energetic knots are the cause and are best addressed through energy work. Of course, if you know what style of massage you prefer just let me know and I’ll be happy to accommodate your online lesson.

Info for caregivers and loved ones

Not only did I provide bodywork for pediatric and adult clients, I also provide talks and classes for those who would like to provide touch at home for autistic people, those with sensory needs or just with a loved one that you would like to provide healing touch for. This is a good alternative for those who have a hard time with a spa environment. I also recommend it as an amazing bonding experience for families!

This is what you will find when joining me:

  • Why touch is important
  • General Massage benefits
  • Why massage is relevant
  • Massage for Autistic people benefits
  • My experience as a parent of an autistic person and how it relates
  • How to communicate
  • Environmental factors and the senses
  • Tips and tools
  • Putting it all together
  • Techniques
  • Resources