What Reiki Has Taught Me (Besides Working With Energy)

May 12, 2017

Without getting into too many details, I will warn readers that this post may touch on a little personal. It’s different than the regular post, but I promise not to get too scary…

Mental illness runs in my family. I have been immersed in it and with it my whole life. It’s not fun, but life is certainly never boring with it. It forces one into deep touch with all emotions of the human spectrum. It also brings out the creative. I’m not praising it, just pointing out what my experience has been with it.

I’ve dealt with both western and eastern medicine, trying to reign it in. Both have worked, and both have not.

Over the past 10 years, our family went through Autism diagnosis, divorce, death, and family break ups (all related but not related). Needless to say some major life events shook the ground.

At the end of 2011, I decided to start my reiki attunement process of classes. Partly to add to my massage career and partly to get in touch with something bigger.

From Usui Reiki 1 to Master Teacher, I’ve learned more than just how to connect with Life Energy. This is what I want to share with you because it’s much bigger than “just” helping people heal themselves.

This list is incomplete because I am forever learning, but Reiki has taught me

  • To be in the moment
  • To appreciate that moment
  • To connect with my son on a different level
  • To realize how fragile and special life is
  • To love my marriage
  • To love myself
  • To breathe
  • To meditate (and have it actually work)
  • To keep my space uncluttered (still working on that!)
  • To be aware of what I put into my body
  • To re-realize my creative side
  • To think before reacting
  • To calm my anxieties and fears
  • To distance myself from negativty
  • To realize the teacher inside myself
  • To realize the student inside myself
  • To be grateful for everything that happens everyday
  • To be as kind as I can (even if it doesn’t always happen)
  • To appreciate my work
  • To appreciate my clients (even more)
  • To count to 10
  • To grow a garden for the first time
  • To learn self-care
  • To just be there for someone (and not have to talk)
  • To just sit

These all didn’t come at once, and some have been in the making all my life, but the important thing is they are here. Somedays I’m not perfect. Somedays it takes everything to remember reiki is there, but most days are good. And I appreciate that.

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