Thanksgiving, Winter and Endings: End of an era

November 25, 2021

I have been able to know so many people’s stories and hearts over the years. I feel blessed they trusted to open up to my wacky and passionate self. I helped heal bodies, I taught classes, I made magical salves and I made space for some to cry. I gathered and I drank tea with some of you.

When COVID hit, we were all hit hard. And my business that I loved so much dropped off a cliff. I grieved for the last almost 2 years. It did make more time for my love of astrology and astrology readings. But in the last few months, I slowly transitioned into only astrology and a little part time work at the gardens, close to my home. It hit me that the people that I got to work with and give energy to, were now also healing and creating at home and some have created their own businesses and healing practices.
And I can’t ask any more than that.

I received a call the day of the lunar eclipse a couple weeks ago. Boerner Botanical Gardens offered me a full time position in their administrative offices. It has been an incredibly hard decision. (I’ve had to make quit a few of those the last 2 years). So even though I will be now taking that full time job at Boerner Botanical Gardens, if you ever need an astrologer, I’ll still be doing that here and there. I will also be keeping up for blog content and full moon reports, will offer the self-directed classes up to purchase, and will be finishing out the Sagittarius season with my Patreon members.

Please also find a list below of my personal favorite healing practitioners in the Milwaukee area.

And if you ever stop by the gardens, maybe you’ll bump into me again. As always, I’m still an email away.

In gratitude forever

Local Practitioners


Rachael of Familiar MKE
Cindy Vincent of Essential Wellness
Gabi of Origins of Wellness
Kelly of Greendale Wellness Center: 414-213-4263

Reiki and Energy Healing

Maricella of MAdre Wellness
Rachael of Familiar MKE
Jacki of Three Trees Counseling

Herbalism and Aromatherapy

Rachael of Familiar MKE

Tarot and Magic
Emily of Waxing Gibbous Tarot
ME 🙂

ME 🙂

Photo Credit: Cathy Podd

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