Pure Wellness Students & Friends Volunteer Time With Reiki

November 13, 2017

On a frosty, crisp November morning 3  of my reiki students, a reiki practitioner friend and I met at the Meta House of Milwaukee. We shuffled downstairs to the dining hall where aromas of waffles, bacon, and eggs swirled in the air around us.

There were varying degrees of quiet stillness to sounds of little ones waking up to start their day with their mothers. These women found themselves at Meta house as they struggle with addiction and work hard for a new life.

Each trickled into the dining room, some curious about us new faces and some outgoing and welcomed us with open arms. As most of the women go home for the weekends to the rest of their families, we had only about 10 women we gave reiki.

This also gave us more time to spend with each. Some sat down stiff and a little skeptical, but immediately relaxed into it. All came out talking softer and with smiles.
We will definitely be visiting again and hope to keep volunteering at different places as well.

Reiki Practitioners and Friends

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