Never Stop Learning

July 8, 2019

Though most of my clients, who had been with me a long time, knew me as their Massage Therapist, others may know me as their facilitator or teacher.

Growing up, I struggled in traditional school. As soon as I started college, though, something clicked. I found my passion and I did well! From that point on I couldn’t learn fast enough. Life is full of so many wonders and infinite information to learn. When I realized I enjoyed facilitating knowledge in a non-traditional setting, that was it. I knew it was where I was supposed to be. In turn, it has continued my own learning process as well.

I want to share with you all the different classes and workshops I offer and hope you join me soon! I offer them in groups, privately or online. Most of these life art classes and workshops integrate self-care and meditation.

  • Reiki – I teach all levels of reiki. Reiki is a Japanese hands on healing technique that facilitates the natural healing and relaxation inside of our bodies. There are 4 levels of reiki. Reiki I focuses on healing the self. Reiki II focuses on working on others and sending outward. Reiki IIIa (or Advanced Reiki Techniques) focuses on using different tools such as meditation and other exercises to integrate reiki in a different way. Reiki Master Teacher is the last level and focuses on teaching teachers and spreading those teachings to others.
  • Aromatherapy – Ah, aromatherapy. Such a controversial topic. Since the influx of multi-level marketing companies, there has been a lot of confusing and unsafe information on how to utilize aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils or natural aromas. I teach a class on using it safely and ethically and traditional uses. I also teach a class on the art of blending. Both classes can be very useful for the novice or experienced.
  • The magic of herbs – Herbalism goes further than just what is in our gardens and forests. It’s the knowledge and art of taking care of our planet, forming relationships with the plants, and utilizing  them for our wellbeing. In my Kitchen Witchen Herbal Workshop, I take it a step further and travel the terrain of traditional magic and it’s relationship to herbs, using them in our daily lives and for ritual, which can bring it’s own peace as well.
  • Self-care and the Moon  – Many people love commenting on the moon, moon gazing, and are just fascinated by the moon. I took what I knew about the moon, it’s lore, the phases and more and set it up to guide us in self-care rituals. It’s Just a Phase! Moon Phases workshop is a favorite amongst students!
  • Massage – Though this is only offered as a class, this is still near and dear to my heart. Massage for sensory needs is a class for caregivers and those with sensory needs as well as any loved ones. Everyone experiences touch differently and it’s important to be aware of that. It can bring or break bonds. This class allows you to explore healthy and appropriate touch.
  • Chakra System – The chakra system has become “popular” in the recent decades, but it’s important to know and respect the cultural background of it. Many people find the 7 chakra hindu system helpful in self-care and wellness. The systems themselves, have been used for centuries in Asian countries.
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