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September 26, 2018

I am currently finishing my Master Aromatherapy Certification and recently had to do a research paper on anything pertaining to Aromatherapy. My first thought was to write it on ethical and safe practices, as that is what I am a large advocate for in the world of aromatherapy. But soon, my brain started realizing I had done a ton of research and a few articles on that and I was ready to expand into something that isn’t a mainstream topic. So I began digging into the combination of Astrology and Aromatherapy.

There are mountains of information on each subject, but very little combining the two. In the end, I found some captivating and intriguing publishings and did my own experimentation! The two books I found to be most informative were Nicholas Culpeper’s The Complete Herbal and Patricia Davis’ Astrological Aromatherapy.

In my conclusion, these were my thoughts on the matters

“Throughout the process of my studies in aromatherapy and astrology, I have come across many skeptics. I, being one of them, have always tried to come from a view of learning rather than automatically shunning what I don’t believe. I think it’s important to note that science is both reliable and transitory. It continues to evolve and what may have been hard facts at one point, can shift over time. New findings of old traditions can also be viewed through that lens. On the other side, astrology is sometimes thought by modern society as a belief trying hard to be science. I don’t believe this to be accurate either. Astrology is an old tradition that once was a science and has evolved to be an art form. To me, it is not the end all, be all. I can see it as a confirmative art supporting my life while balancing science. Aromatherapy is similar, (though more researched) and combining the two is a delicate dance that can bring beauty, joy and healing support into lives.”

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