A Red Tent Series: Women’s Self-Care Part 2

April 21, 2016

Now that we are grounded and present, the next step is to do some Cleansing. This can mean your body, mind, and even space. I will give you a great cleansing foot bath recipe, but also a few other ideas as well. The recipe  does not have to be exact. It may sound strange, but you can find many of these items in your kitchen or a grocery store.

Foot bath Recipe
Organza, Muslin, or paper tea bag (large)
Tablespoon of Chamomile flowers
Tablespoon of Sage
Tablespoon  of Rosemary
1/4th cup of Epsom Salts
10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
1 ounce of milk or carrier oil (Jojoba, olive, etc)

Pour the herbs and Epsom Salts into the bag. Tie the end so the contents do not spill out and place in bath tub or foot tub full of warm water.
Mix the essential oil with the milk or oil and pour 3/4th into water, making sure to agitate.
Soak feet until the water becomes cool.
Dry your feet, then massage the rest of the milk or oil into your feet.

Some other cleansing ideas:
– Smudge by burning White Sage in your space.
– Burn incense
– Mix up a blend of your favorite essential oils with distilled water (shake well!) and spray your body and space.
– Sweep out the dust and energy the traditional way with a broom.
– Organize a space for yourself as a small sanctuary.

Add more to this list in the comments!

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