1. the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.

Astrology has been used since the 1st century BC Babylonia and possibly longer. It is described as all that is “as above, so below”, a mirror of what happens in the skies to the earth. From kings, leaders to the most marginalized in society and everyone in between have used astrology as a life map for thousands of years. Before the 20th century it went hand in hand with astronomy and was considered a science. Many consider it an art form of historical relevance now.

The art of astrology can be crystal clear and sometimes not so much. There are many systems of astrology as well, but I practice traditional western astrology. Ultimately, this is a map for your life but should never overtake your free will and necessity for therapy in more difficult life situations.

What we identify with in our lives isn’t always identical to what our overall arc life paths may be at any given time. Other times you may be very self-aware and will identify with your chart clearly. An important aspect of your session with me is to bring your questions and conversation for a more interactive and helpful experience. A natal chart is more than just our sun sign.

As the stars are complex, so are humans. As above, so below.

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