The short of it: Cathy Podd is an artist inspired by the natural and magical world around her, ritual and the cosmos. She is an astrologer, Clinical Aromatherapist, Herbalist,  a former Licensed Massage Therapist and energetic healing and reiki teacher.

The long of it: Cathy Podd started a path as a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2008. Her desire to help others expanded when she began studying western reiki in 2012. She finished her Reiki Master Teacher after 2 years. She continued to learn about Reiki, it’s westernization (through hard lessons and realizations of culturally appropriation by well-known teachers) and it’s traditional Japanese origins in Shinto to present. She completed over a decade of aromatherapy studies, earning her credentials as a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Herbalist in 2013, and receiving Clinical Master Aromatherapy certification in 2018. This and her love of ritual magick and astrology was the inspiration for her blends: The Astrothecary. She has been a follower of astrology since young adulthood and has continued her professional studies through mentorship with Mary Novotny and astrology school with Austin Coppock.

She is also formally trained as a graphic artist, and in both her professional and leisure time she finds great pleasure and meditative growth through her artistic endeavors which include painting, drawing, textile arts, playing the cello and more. All of these therapeutic activities are also how she takes care of her own mental health and struggles.

Cathy believes in the alchemy of the human soul and in using arts of all kinds to foster peace through understanding and holding space for all facets of human emotions. Part of her mission is to share the importance of self-love, community care, wellbeing and ritual as a means available to everyone in as much capacity as she is able. Cathy is committed to equity & inclusion in providing services, classes & providing resources while continuing to learn, grow, and do personally and professionally in facing her own biases and learning to unlearn.

Her goal is to provide a gateway for people to learn to take better care of themselves & community. Cathy strives to be authentic in her teachings and be a listening party of her clients & students.

Cathy graduated from the Lakeside School of Massage Therapy in February 2008; training and practicing Therapeutic Massage with well over 750 hours as well as hundreds of hours of continuing education, over 1250 hours in Master Aromatherapy and Herbalism with Heart of Herbs School and studying in the school of Astrologer Austin Coppock. She is a member of the Association for Young Astrologers, and National Council for Geocosmic Research. She now works for the Milwaukee County Parks system at the botanical gardens and still offers Astrology readings in her own time.