Life Arts Through Creative and Healing Ritual

When we look mindfully upon our daily personal actions and interactions, then life becomes a ritual. Life Ritual started as a one-woman in-person wellness business run by Cathy Podd in 2012 and has transitioned and grown to the present through astrology sessions of care, education and services.

The Latest From Life Ritual

Cathy featured as Artist Contributor for Midheaven Magazine

Earlier this year, I submitted quite a bit of my artwork to a new publishing, Midheaven Magazine. Hoping at least one of my astrology and moon inspired paintings would be picked, I was shocked to find out they picked almost every single one for the premiere June 2021 release.

I hope you check it out, as it is chockfull of amazing astrologer’s articles and information!
Contributors are compensated through the sales of the magazine.


Pluto and Our Ever-Changing Lives

Pluto had been one planet in my astrology studies that had been so illusive and far out of my grasps. Just when I thought I got it, it deteriorated from the inside out and I was left scratching my head again. Little did I know, what I struggled with was exactly the point.

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