Life Arts Through Creative and Healing Ritual

When we look mindfully upon our daily personal actions and interactions, then life becomes a ritual. Life Ritual started as a one-woman in-person wellness business run by Cathy Podd in 2012 and has transitioned and grown to the present through other forms of care education and services. It now encompasses a wide range of services and learning tools online: energy work, clinical aromatherapy/herbalism, astrology, the arts, and a natural & magical plant product line in The Astrothecary. Memberships of varying tiers for exclusive releases are available as well.

The Latest From Life Ritual

Pluto and Our Ever-Changing Lives

Pluto had been one planet in my astrology studies that had been so illusive and far out of my grasps. Just when I thought I got it, it deteriorated from the inside out and I was left scratching my head again. Little did I know, what I struggled with was exactly the point.

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